Steve Buck Hybrid


Often, going fully Agile requires a planned transition period from existing Waterfall processes. Coding, design, development, production and/or manufacturing often need interim solutions.

Sometimes, making a direct Agile transformation is simply too jarring or disruptive to an existing organization’s people and processes. The Hybrid methodology allows existing users to retain some modicum of comfort from the familiar, while getting good, solid, positive exposure to Agile. As people and teams migrate to the new thinking, Waterfall is generally phased out as a rule of thumb. Of course, there are processes that are very well adapted to Waterfall and are best left to flourish in that environment. But, in the vast majority of the cases, Agile wins out – enthusiastically.

What works best and makes the most sense to the organization is, by definition, the right answer.

Steve Buck Waterfall


Perhaps the most familiar and comfortable process for many companies. Waterfall is still very applicable and efficient in select instances, for specific archetypal applications.

Steve Buck Agile


Agile is a value-based project management process. Often misunderstood, the power of this process is only fully-engaged when upper management is totally onboard.