Post-Pandemic Distributed Project Management


We offer custom and standardized training in interactive online classrooms. You will have direct input into the type of training you wish to provide for your group or company.


Very often after giving a bootcamp or extended training, we are asked to consult with the hosting company for the purpose of coaching and /or implementation.


Steve Buck speaks to groups large and small. Distributed online and when permitting, in person to socially distanced audiences nationwide. Subjects are tailored to each audience.


Agile is a value-based project management process. Often misunderstood, the power of this process is only fully-engaged when upper management is totally onboard.


Often, going fully Agile requires a planned transition period from existing waterfall processes. Coding, design, development, production and/or manufacturing often need interim solutions.


Perhaps the most familiar and comfortable process for many companies. Waterfall is still very applicable and efficient in select instances, for specific archetypal applications.

Operational core values


Transitioning to a distributed, high-performance work model in a Post-Pandemic world can be a challenging and confusing task. The good news is that it CAN be accomplished with minimal disruption while maintaining, and in most cases, increasing efficiency. Steve Buck

Interesting Facts

% of workers say they prefer to remain working from home
AVG. $ saved by mid-cap companies going distributed
% of workers say working from home is more productive
% of managers say distributed teams are the future